How the Anti-Gravity Swing works and what it does for you..

The Anti-Gravity Swing allows you to help yourself by reversing the force of gravity upon the body.  It allows you to virtually decompress painful and aching joints.  Blood circulation is enhanced. This is all accomplished the natural way with no drugs, medication or manipulation involved.

A proper balance enables you to control the Gravity Swing with the slightest movement of your arms.

As you swing down, the pull of gravity gradually reverses and the total body weight becomes its own natural traction force.  The continuous up and down motion creates a form of  "rhythmic traction"  that causes  muscles to constantly stretch and relax.

Vertebrae separate and pressure is removed from compressed and deteriorating discs.  You sense relief as self-traction decompresses and relieves pressure from  painful arthritic joints, whether it be a  shoulder, hip or knee joint.

A sore and stiff neck is helped in this same manner.  While  angled down, turning your head slowly from side to side increases  stretching  and decompression.  You  now  experience relief of neck pain and tension -- a direct result of  natural self-traction.  You no longer need a harness and a weight attached to a door frame.

At times an arthritic shoulder joint makes it nearly impossible to perform the  simple task of putting your arms over your head.  The downward motion  helps to greatly improve the shoulder movement and lets you virtually extend your reach. It is a good feeling when a constricted shoulder joint once again has normal movement.

With daily use of the Gravity Swing, muscles strengthen and firm and tend to keep  the body in proper alignment.  This allows freedom of pain for longer periods and problem areas are not only controlled but, in many instances,  may be fully corrected.

Another benefit of rhythmic traction is the relief of stress and tension.  As your body gently decompresses itself with each downward movement, you soon sense a feeling of relaxation and calmness as the body virtually rids itself of stress and tension.  After a hectic day, one truly appreciates this.

Many also find the Gravity Swing to be a simple and easy means of exercising.  Completely invert.  Move your body from side to side -- stretch as much as possible to pull and tighten muscles.

Do a sit-up.  You may not fully achieve this  but you will  feel your leg and  stomach muscles  strengthen and tighten with each attempt.  In addition, your vertebrae are separating to the fullest degree.  Picture the way links on a chain separate as the chain is extended.  Your spine is reacting in a similar manner.

                 Inversion Therapy

Gravity Traction for Your Back
and Your Overall Good Health

Inversion Helps Increase Oxygen Flow to the Brain

Your heart must work against gravity to pump blood up to your brain, which is the body's largest consumer of oxygen. Although it is only three percent of the body's total weight, the brain consumes 25 percent of the body's oxygen intake.

Win Wenger, in How to Increase Your Intelligence, noted that "only those brain cells which are close to an ample capillary blood supply are thoroughly developed. Away from such source of supply, brain cells remain undeveloped and useless." Wenger describes "upside down activities" to increase oxygen supply to the brain. He states, "In short, you can much improve the physical state of your entire brain." A brain that is better nourished simply works better.

Some people claim that increasing the circulation of blood to the head through inversion may also improve the color and tone of your skin, stimulate mental alertness, and improve hearing and vision. In addition, some claim that hair will be healthier, and may even grow again, if the scalp is well supplied with blood.

Inversion Helps Reduce the Effects of Aging Caused by the Force of Gravity

Most people will lose from 1/2" - 2" (1-5 cm) in height during their lifetime due to thinning discs. As a baby, your discs are 90% water. However, the water content in the discs decreases to 70% by age 70. An active inversion program can help maintain more of your original height.

"Decongests" Internal Organs:
As the body ages, internal organs (kidneys, stomach, intestines) begin to prolapse as a result of the constant downward force of gravity. "Middle-age spread" (that spare tire around the waste), apart from weight gain, is due to the relocation of internal organs. Digestion and waste elimination problems are also common symptoms of organs going south. Inversion helps prolapsed organs resume their normal shape and place in the body.

Increases Oxygen to the Brain:
Peter Russell notes in The Brain Book that the deterioration of the brain is not directly linked to age alone. Rather, this deterioration is caused by hardening arteries and high blood pressure, both of which decrease the supply of oxygen to the brain. Thus a major step in reducing mental deterioration (or senility) over time may simply be increasing the oxygen supply to the brain. Keeping the brain active and well supplied with oxygen may help maintain your brain function and mental sharpness throughout your entire life. (NOTE: If you have high blood pressure, consult your physician before starting an inversion program.)

You can help yourself -- You do not have to live with pain

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